Java OCP 11 Certification on $25 and free learning courses


Java is celebrating its 25th birthday, and Oracle has decided to offer free learning courses at Oracle University and the Java OCP 11 certification exam for only USD $25 (exam 1z0-819-J) until April 25th, 2021. Exam 1z0-819 has a regular price of USD $245.

You need to access this link and activate the Free Learning Subscription. You will need to log in or create an account at Oracle University. From that place, you will have free courses available, i.e. Introduction to Java, Preparing for the Certification, and get the certification voucher for only USD $25. This means you have until April 25th, 2021 to take the exam. Maybe a little rush, but you can take advantage of the Free Learning courses and decide if you feel ready or not.

There are more than 37 hours of free courses, from basic Java concepts, primitive, Objects, Collections, Flows (while, for, loops, if), Inheritance, Interfaces, Generics, JDBC, Files, Module, Stream API, Lambda and more.


So, let’s celebrate the Java 25th birthday with this promotion.



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