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Understanding JVM, JRE and JDK

JDK is for development purpose whereas JRE is for running the java programs.
JDK and JRE both contains JVM so that we can run our java program.
JVM is the heart of java programming language and provides platform independence.


GraalVM – One VM to rule them all (the programming languages)

GraalVM is a Virtual Machine that is able to execute code from different programing languages. If you are a Java Developer this might sound familiar to you, you can run application in Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure based in the JVM platform. But, GraalVM is able to run other languages like Java Script, Node JS, Ruby, Python, R, and even C++.

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How to deal with the Java OutOfMemoryError or a Memory Leak

Last days I was working in analyzing some reported OutOfMemoryError in a JVM application, that’s why I decided to share some information about how to deal with it. The first thing many people have in mind when they see an OutOfMemoryError is that we might have in front of a Memory Leak, a quick answer to that is that maybe yes but maybe not. So, let’s try to determine the...